Zero Capital Outlay Air Source Heat Pumps & LED Lighting

Landlords, housing associations and HMO's. You and your tenants can shrink energy consumption with energy efficient equipment supplied, installed and serviced at zero cost to you!

Plus receive 100% of RHI & MMSP payments, up to £12,437 over 7 years!

Self Funding Air Source Heat Pump, receive 100% RHI & MMSP payments!
Includes new LED lighting for all your properties

Our Air Source Heat Pump Scheme includes a 3 year fully fixed gas and electricity tariff. Landlords receive 100% of the total RHI and MMSP payments, this is paid out on a quarterly basis over 7 years. The payment amounts depend on the heat demand of the property. All of our Air Source Heat Pumps come with a servicing agreement and 7 years warranty. This scheme is available to switch from any fuel type.

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a comprehensive document explaining exactly how both schemes work can be viewed by clicking here


There are many benefits to our clients when agreeing an EESA (Energy Efficiency Service Agreement) with Refresh Energy.

We have a unique approach towards the energy industry and we always offer a tailored package to suit the individual. We don’t have a one size fits all approach and we fully understand the importance of knowing what each of our customer needs are.

  • Free energy audit
  • New high spec energy efficient equipment
  • No capital outlay
  • Reduced energy spend
  • Free servicing for all equipment
  • Energy and carbon reductions
  • Competitive fixed energy prices


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We will install brand new energy efficient equipment within your properties



See reductions in energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall energy spend