Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting

LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular as a measure to reduce high energy consumption within industry. Modern LED lighting technology delivers stern durability, longer lifetimes and is up to 70% more energy-efficient than standard Industrial & Commercial Lighting.

  • Benefits

  • Up to 70% more energy-efficient than standard Industrial & Commercial Lighting
  • Brighter, warmer light
  • Lifetime up to 100,000 hours
  • Less heat emissions
  • Highly reduced maintenance
  • Safer than non-LED technology
  • 5 years warranty


Some of the commonly used Industrial & Commercial LED Lighting we provide:

All of our LED bulbs and lighting systems come with 5 years warranty.

    • LED Panel Lighting

    • These lights are ideal replacements for 600 x 600mm fluorescent fittings and are  595 x 595mm size for direct and quick retro fitting. Boasting an output of 3800lm these units will outperform your standard fittings at a fraction of the running cost with typical savings of 60-70%.

    • LED Troffer Lighting

    • A sleek, contemporary appearance to our LED Troffer is designed to enhance office, retail and healthcare interiors with high efficiency performance capable of ouputs of up to 5800lm.
    • Embedded sensors (occupancy sensing & daylight harvesting) are available as are 0-10V or wireless dimming.
    • Linear High Bay Lights

    • The Refresh Energy range of Linear High Bay Lights are a great replacement for Warehouses and Factories where high floor light levels are required. The lamps are 170Lm/W and IP65 Rated. They are manufactured with Meanwell Drivers and Phillips Chips. These lamps range from 100w to 500w and have a range of accessories to suite all needs. All lamps come with 5 years warranty.
    • LED UFO High bay Lights

    • These lights are ideal replacements for your standard High bay lights ranging from 100w to 250w and can comfortably replace up to 500w for Metal Halide fittings. Typical savings of 60-70% in most applications and come with 5 years warranty.Refresh Energy UFO J range of High bay Lights produce 130lm per watt and are manufactured with Meanwell drivers and Phillips LED chips.Our H range UFO lamps come with integral microwave sensors and occupancy sensors up to 15mtrs and the high Q models come with Meanwell drivers and Phillips Chips along with 130Lm.
    • Tri-proof LED Lighting

    • Our Range of LED Tri proof lights are Ideal for manufacturing sites requiring IP65 lighting such as food manufacturing, sports halls and warehouses. Our lamps are 120Lm/W and range from 20w upto 120w. Ideal replacement lamps for Cold Storage Facilities.

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