Free LED Lighting for your business premises!

Renew your energy contracts up to 18 months in advance to claim a free LED lighting system specifically designed for your business needs. Lighting for all business environments is supplied with 5 Years Warranty.

Start saving up to 90% off lighting costs immediately! 

At Refresh Energy we believe in giving our clients something in return for their valued custom. We also believe in doing our part for the environment. This is why we are introducing our free LED Lighting offer to all UK businesses that switch their energy with us. Not only will your business benefit from competitive energy unit prices, you will also enjoy savings of up to 90% off lighting running costs, whilst also improving your company's carbon footprint.

Business funding is available for:
  • Corporate Clients
  •  Industrial & Commercial Premises
  • Schools, Colleges & Universities
  • Gyms & Sports Centres
  • Hospitals & Public Sector
  •  Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
  •  Hotels, Bars & Restaurants
  • Motor Trade & Show Rooms
  • Home business & Sole Traders
  • Care & Residential Homes

We work with all of the UK's energy suppliers to provide business funding for energy saving projects:

united gas and power
yorkshire gas and power
scottish power
opus energy
hudson energy
extra energy
gazprom energy
haven power
engie logo
edf energy
dual energy
british gas

To find out how much your business can save with FREE LED Lighting request a quote today!


  • Up to 90% more energy-efficient
  • Lighting available for all business environments
  • Lifetime up to 100,000 hours
  • Less heat emissions & Safer
  •  Highly reduced maintenance
  • 5 years warranty

You can learn more about which lighting will work best for your business by contacting one of our customer service professionals.


Free LED Lighting FAQ's

How does the scheme work?
We work with all UK energy suppliers to release funds that can be used to subsidise energy reduction projects for UK based businesses when renewing their energy contracts. There is no need to switch supplier; however, the amount of funding available does differ depending on contract length. Contract lengths are typically between 2-5 years.
I’ve just renewed my contracts, do I still qualify? 
This depends on the contract length. We can gain funding as far as 18 months in advance, so if you have 17 months remaining then yes, if 19, then no, we would have to wait 1 month.
Do I get Free LED Lighting throughout my entire business?
Around 90% of our clients will receive LED Lighting throughout their entire business - the other 10% will receive as much as their grant permits.
Who manufactures the lights?
We work in partnership with YESSS electrical and offer 5 years warranty
Will the current light fittings need to be changed at my business premises?
For Commercial and Industrial clients - Fittings may need to be upgraded if necessary - all parts and labour are included as part of our service.
For Home Business, Sole Traders and SMEs - Fittings do not need to be upgraded as the LED Lighting will simply replace your current bulbs. 
Who installs the lights?
For Commercial and Industrial clients - We have our own team of fully qualified installers but may also use qualified sub-contractors if necessary.
For Home Business, Sole Traders and SMEs - If standard light fittings are currently installed at your home office or business premises we will deliver your LED replacement bulbs for you to fit, or arrange fitting yourself.
Will my price go up?
Prices depend on the energy market at time of contract renewal, our aim is to reduce our clients overall energy spend, however, in many cases we do also see a reduction in unit rates per kW.
Do I need to switch energy supplier for my business?
No your business does not have to switch energy supplier. 
Do all businesses qualify for this scheme?
All UK businesses are eligible for our funding which varies on a case by case basis. Roughly 90% of businesses are granted 100% of the total cost of the energy reduction project whilst the remaining 10% will still receive a considerable contributing grant.

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