Manage your business energy usage more efficiently and save up to a further 30% off your energy bills.

Energy Management Systems utilise the latest software and technology to analyse and improve the energy performance of your organisation. Energy Management helps to gain a greater understanding of your company's energy usage and areas of energy wastage, whilst also helping to continually monitor and improve your business' overall energy efficiency.

Benefits of Energy Management Systems

  • Saves up to an additional 30% on overall business energy consumption
  • Continually monitors your energy consumption in real time
  • Helps formulate methods to reduce energy consumption
  • Increases overall energy efficiency
  • Improves your company's carbon footprint

Lower energy consumption and save money

Energy management systems are specifically designed to help lower energy consumption. The latest technology is used to accurately measure, identify, formulate solutions and actively improve upon energy consumption throughout your organisation. Energy management systems have been proven to reduce energy consumption by up to a whopping 30% in some cases - this can save your business huge sums of money!

Accurately monitor energy consumption

Energy management systems use the latest hardware and software technology to accurately monitor the energy consumption of an organisation. Some systems can pinpoint exactly where and when a device was used, how long it was used for and how much energy was consumed in the process. Accurate reports can be generated every half hour and viewed via a web based interface. This information often proves vital in identifying and highlighting energy usage patterns, bad habits and areas of inefficiency.

Analyse data and formulate energy saving strategies 

The next key step is to carefully analyse the data that our systems collect. Using advanced energy analysis software we can use the data collected to formulate energy-efficient strategies specific to your business.

Improve overall energy efficiency

By identifying ways and means for your business to become more energy efficient we can suggest a host of improvements that can help your overall energy efficiency. Energy related matters are of increasing concern to business nowadays and mandatory energy efficiency audits are in place across many industries to ensure action is taken moving forward.

Many companies are still yet to realise the importance of this agenda as stated on the website of the carbon trust -

"Finance directors at large businesses in the UK are undervaluing the financial returns from investments in energy efficiency by more than half, research by the Carbon Trust has revealed.

This undervaluation is one factor leading big businesses to waste at least £1.6bn every year on energy they could easily save through measures including upgrades to heating and lighting, energy-saving policies and staff training."

Improve your company's carbon footprint

Your company's carbon footprint is measured on how many tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) is either directly or indirectly generated by your company energy usage. This can have a large impact on your business in terms of tax paid and potential costly fines. It is believed that increased onus will be put on to companies in the forthcoming years to substantially improve upon their carbon footprint. Energy management systems not only improve upon the overall energy-efficiency of your business, they also actively improve upon your carbon footprint, whilst identifying means to do more through the implementation of further improvements.


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