Smart energy for a brighter future

Refresh Energy was founded in 2015 with the vision of proactively changing the energy management & procurement industry for the greater good. We have gathered our skills from over 30 years of industry experience to provide a service which goes beyond the norm, providing many benefits for our clients and also the environment. We help UK businesses to get the most value from their energy contracts and our unique approach sets us apart from our competition. At Refresh Energy, not only do we provide our clients with exceptional packages, we also supply and implement free energy saving solutions throughout their businesses to help reduce energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint.

 Our ethical approach to business

We value our clients highly and aim to help their businesses as much as we possibly can. We are also aware of the impact that energy usage can have on the environment - this is why we offer free energy saving solutions and advice to all of our customers. When you switch with Refresh Energy, not only will your business benefit from competitive energy rates, it will also benefit from energy usage reductions of up to 90% in some instances, and a better overall carbon footprint.

Our panel of providers

We have access to the largest panel of energy providers within the UK - As an independent broker this gives us a strong advantage in sourcing the right contract at the most competitive price for your business. We are able to purchase energy units at wholesale prices and access tariffs that are generally unavailable on the market.

Our panel

united gas and power
yorkshire gas and power
scottish power
opus energy
hudson energy
extra energy
gazprom energy
haven power
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edf energy
dual energy
british gas


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