Save money and use less energy

Refresh Energy (TM) help households and businesses of all sizes by fixing energy tariff rates while providing and installing ZERO COST Energy Efficient Equipment to actively decrease energy consumption


Zero cost energy efficient equipment for your home or business

Refresh Energy help homeowners and businesses of all sizes by lowering energy tariff rates, providing free energy saving solutions and implementing the latest energy management systems to actively decrease consumption rates



Use our calculation tool to compare your energy tariffs and switch providers



We will install brand new energy efficient equipment in your home



Reduce your energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall energy spend

We have gathered our skills from a vast array of areas within the energy industry to provide a service which goes beyond the norm, providing many benefits for our clients and the environment. We help UK businesses, charities, local authorities, homeowners and various other sectors to get the most value from their energy contracts and our unique approach sets us apart from our competitors. At Refresh Energy, not only do we provide our clients with an exceptional service, we also supply and implement no capital outlay energy saving solutions to help reduce energy consumption and improve their carbon footprint.

We have designed our own unique approach to energy management, we have combined energy contracts with energy reduction. When you renew your energy contracts using Refresh Energy, we will supply and install energy efficient equipment within your premises, without you, having to find the cash. In the current economic climate, we understand how difficult it can be to find excess cash to implement such energy reduction measures. Also, in times of austerity, finance and leasing options may also be hard to come by. UK businesses are set to come under pressure to reduce energy consumption quickly. With new government legislation there may be levy’s and taxes introduced which will punish those businesses who do not implement of their own accord. At Refresh Energy, we believe any such measures would be unfair and potentially crippling for already struggling businesses.

By introducing our new Energy Efficiency Service Agreements, we can assist our clients in reducing their energy consumption, carbon footprint and overall energy spend in one simple step

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